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Overall Map

West Clay Course

The West Course is a time proven wings course with fourteen (14) stations and twenty-eight (28) fully automated target throwers. The front half includes incoming, crossing water shots from our duck boat and high flying targets from our sixty-foot silo. While the back half demonstrates flushing, upland game style targets through lightly wooded plumb thickets. With three additional tower shots and elevated platforms we're able to duplicate all types of hunting simulations. Great for teaching the beginner or keeping the rust off our basic shooting skills.

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East Clay Course.jpg

East Clay Course

The East Course is a challenging course not only for the competitive shooter but also provides an ever-changing variety. This course changes bimonthly and includes the infamous bouncing rabbit, as well as the smaller Midi and Mini style targets. With your standard rolling, curling, diving and ducking type shooting scenarios this course is notably more difficult but hosts the true game of sporting clays.

Five Stand and Flurry

Eight machine wireless 5 Stand, has the capability of shooting up to six shooters at once. With programmable time delayed target sequences, we can simulate a hundred-rooster flush at the end of a corn field. Whether this is shot as a team, or shot individually, the time between targets can be varied to fit the shooters desire and skill level.

Five Stand and Flurry.jpg
Wobble Trap.jpg

Wobble Trap and Skeet

The Trap and Skeet field are available to teach our younger shooters flushing and crossing targets. While not a NSSA or ATA facility we do enjoy an occasional round of Skeet. Wobble Trap (the machine oscillates left, right, up and down) can be thrown on command for an individual shooter or can be thrown as a two man flurry, releasing targets every 1.8 seconds in a multitude of directions.

Rifle and Pistol Range

Our partially enclosed Rifle and Pistol Range is East Rivers only 600 Yard Range. The range houses nineteen (19) benches on concrete, with each bench able to address targets at 100, 200, 300, 400 & 600 yards. With the 50-yard gravel infield, we can accommodate rifle bore sighting as well as precision pistol shooting. Rifles up to .338 caliber and pistols up to .45 caliber are able to access the range. Any larger calibers please contact prior to arrival (605-366-8198). There are no restrictions on black powder or non-metallic cartridges. Reactive steel targets provide instant gratification on the shots arrival. When weather conditions permit a range vehicle is provided to access the target line. The Pro-shop has available Browning shooting accessories, targets, Black Hills Rifle and Fiocchi handgun ammunition.



All you need is the caterer. The Pavilion will comfortably sit 160 people for a rustic dinner setting. Our indoor charcoal grill, fully functional kitchenette with refrigerator, freezers and tables provide the perfect space to host your next event. The Pavilion also includes two onsite restrooms and a 32 ft. deck that will allow you to enjoy the evening outdoors.


The Pro-shop is the Hunters Pointe Headquarters. With Fiocchi high performance target and hunting loads, Browning and Wild Hare shooting accessories, cleaning kits, and common metallic cartridges the Pro-shop becomes a one shop stop. Hunters Pointe also possesses a malt beverage license (after shooting) and contains some snacks for the on the go shooter. Don't let the sheer size scare you with seating up to 70 people, two restrooms, a fully functioning kitchenette, heat/air conditioning, large wall projection screen and a 72-inch TV with Wi-Fi/HDMI hookup potential this provides an optimal chance for a little business before recreation at the range. This second location also allows us the ability to host two groups simultaneously or provide a secluded meeting location.


Preserve Hunting

Enjoy an afternoon of pheasant hunting on Minnehaha county's only 560 acre pheasant preserve. Located 25 minutes from the airport, with an onsite meeting room, business can still be done and leave plenty of time for an afternoon hunt. Hunters Pointe is dog friendly or enjoy the experience hunting with our German Shorthair Pointers. Whether it's the "First Hunt" or an afternoon with clients,

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